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The MTP-TRI is equipped with a reading system based on AI that automatically sorts used tyres and directs them to the right valorization outflow. 

  • By reusing or retreading them,

  • By using them as raw materials for the manufacture of new products, 

  • By separating them with pyrolysis to recover gas, oil, and carbon black.

REGOM’s MTP-TRI allows configuring sorting lists according to clients’ activities, needs, and technical constraints linked to used tyres. Equipped with an industrial speed cadency, the machine reads and analyzes brands, profiles, dimensions, and remaining tread on tyres every 3 seconds. 
The MTP-TRI offers two sorting processes according to the activity.

  • The classic sorting system of identification and redirection: Tyres enter one by one in the machine which directs them to different outflows according to the collected information. 

    • The outflow for tyres without human control receives tyres that are going to be used for material or energy recoveing. 

    • The outflow “Material recovery” receives tyres that will be used to manufacture new products.

    • The outflow “Batch” is dedicated to specific clients’ orders (pyrolysis, specific brands…) 

  • The second sorting system of identification and redirection with a physical control post integrated. Sorting tables can be added after the automatic exit of the machine, they will allow operators to check the physical quality of tyres and validate or not the destination proposed by the machine. 

In addition to the outflows listed previously, can be added outflows for reusable and retreaded tyres. 

Simple to configure and use, MTP-TRI allows to retrieve sorting data in real time and improves the sorting quality. 
Thanks to the combination of an effective industrial process and innovative sorting software, the machine answers perfectly to market challenges such as product traceability and life extension.



  • Increase sorting productivity

  • Develop new offers to final clients

  • Bring traceability to sorting and reselling process

  • Easily create a database for pairing and stock management

  • Refine pricing and sorting

  • Answer to legislation in term of export traceability of products.


  • Select specific brands and models for specific chemical applications

  • Know the entrant mixes of tyres to answer market regulations

  • Identify tyres by brands and models for applications involving products in contact with skin

  • Answer the increase of strict standards (HAP, microplastics....) with a precise selection of tyres

  • Certify the selection of tyres entering the granulation process


  • Bring traceability for follow-up production

  • Select tyres with low tread to be retreaded

  • Select specific tyres based on brands, models, and dimensions

  • Adapt production to market needs

  • Get access to a pool of qualified tyres for retreading by collectors

  • Pre-fill information and track the original tyre ID before retreading process


  • Select specific brands and models for specific chemical applications according to lists and demands

  • Know the intrant mix of tyres to control the quality of the exit output

  • Identify your mix of tyre to be able to know the chemical components of your intrant mix

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