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We want to help you get the best recycling process possible, which is why we are sharing with you our expertise in terms of sorting, linear processes, transport, and logistics. 

More than clients, we are looking for partners, your success is our success. That is why, the first step of our work at REGOM is for us to understand your activities, current processes, and needs. We will also show you previous installations that we installed and explain to you the features of our offers that could correspond to your needs. Our goal is to work with you in the elaboration of a sorting line that will fit your current needs and your potential evolutions to help you make your business thrive.

In addition to a deep analysis of your needs, we‘ll accompany you during the installation and connection of the line as well as the training on its usage and the follow-up. The maintenance and updates of the machine is also included in our work so you can always count on us! 


The performance of calculation systems is of no use without the industrial environment necessary for their proper functioning.

The machine must be able to process 1 tyre every 3 seconds. To do this, a huge work needs to be done on conveying to correctly feed the machine. We will give you advice on how to feed the machine based on our experience on our own sorting sites and what we have seen in the world.


At REGOM, we will provide you with the technical specification requirements to reach the full capacity of the machine. We will work with your local partners to build the most effective solution.


Because every company is unique and different, we will adjust and configure our offers to your specific needs and process. That is why a good analysis is more than necessary before starting a project and a change in your operations.

Depending on your application, we will refer you to the adequate solutions answering YOUR needs.

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